(F)NTP Collective
(F)NTP Collective
Jessie Zillmer

We're creating A place to connect, learn and grow in our knowledge

A place to connect, question, learn and become a better practitioner

About Us

As soon as we graduated from the NTA we became health warriors going against the flow of society and it's definition of "health".  Now speaking out against these fallacies is becoming more dangerous, even our desire to learn is being censored.  

We have been threatened with censorship for too long, fearing our next question or opinion will get us banned or removed from our platforms.  We can now unite under a new banner of FREE speech and no longer fear open discussion or voicing opinions on the various health topics we are striving to learn more about to better support ourselves, our families and our clients.

Welcome to the (F)NTP Collective!  

Why You Should Join Us

In here we are always striving to learn and grow in our knowledge to better support ourselves, our families and our clients in reaching their health goals. 

A Big Thanks

Through our collective knowledge we will show up better for our clients, families and be more confident in ourselves.  Thank you for being apart of this amazing group!

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